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Opportunistic leveraged investment for a post-carbon, automated, artificial intelligence driven world.

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The diminishing role of fossil fuels means we are on the road to a post-carbon world.

Big changes can mean big opportunities. Richford Capital Group has been generating substantial returns for clients from energy commodities for over a decade. We focus on developing a quantitative understanding of global energy flows with an eye for mispriced relationships between energy commodities spread over type, time, or geography.

A post-Fossil

fuel World












Abraham R. McAllister

Abraham is an MIT grad, serial entrepreneur, and successful investor. He has 13 years of portfolio management experience in securities, futures, real estate, and venture capital.

Lodewyk Steyn, Ph.D.

Lodewyk holds a Ph.D. from MIT and has 2 decades of experience in energy systems, mathematical modeling, and entrepreneurial leadership. He was on the founding team of Pixtronix, which was acquired for over $200M in 2011.

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